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Thailand has consistently ranked as one of the most vibrant and captivating travel destinations in Asia during my visits. Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of exploring its wonders three times. Throughout these trips, I’ve hopped between islands, immersed myself in the bustling shopping streets of Bangkok, and marveled at the country’s ancient temples. Embracing the spirit of a young backpacker, I even had the chance to tick off numerous nightlife hotspots from my list, scattered across the nation. Thailand’s profusion of attractions and activities effortlessly justifies its endearing moniker, “The Land of Smiles.” As I embarked on my journeys through this remarkable country, two recurring concerns always crossed my mind: the most efficient means of navigating its diverse landscapes, and the best spots to savor delectable meals while engaging with the welcoming locals. Drawing extensively from my own experiences traversing Thailand, I’ve meticulously curated a comprehensive collection of the finest travel apps. These apps are poised to elevate your travel experience, ensuring it remains as smooth and gratifying as possible – a must-have arsenal for anyone journeying in and around Thailand.

Here’s our carefully curated selection of best Thailand Travel Apps to have at your fingertips for your upcoming journey.

BTS SkyTrain

Thailand travel apps
BTS Skytrain – Best Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth- cc : My Train Pix

Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) Skytrain runs in Bangkok connecting various stations around Bangkok. This app will help you navigate between all stations, calculate fare in advance, and much more. It also has all the necessary information about single and daily tickets and subscriptions. The BTS app also provides the right information about current traffic, both on the roads and the number of people taking the Sky Train.

Grab Taxi

Thailand travel apps
Grab Taxi – Best Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth

If Skytrain isn’t for you and you want to have a reliable Taxi service in Thailand, then Grab Taxi is your best option. One of the top transport services used in Thailand, Grab Taxi is quite convenient and you can easily pay with your mobile wallet making things cashless and easy. It also offers rewards on every service you use through the app which you can later use for great deals. Adding to the transportation services it also offers food delivery service, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, and much more.


Thailand travel apps
Line mobile app – Best Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth – cc: Shutterstock

Planning to make friends in Thailand and want to stay connected with them during and post your stay? Do you want to send messages to or video chat with them? Then, Line is your go-to app. Similar to the globally popular Whatsapp application, Line is the primary communication app used by almost everyone in Thailand.


Thailand travel apps
Viabus app – Important Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth – cc: Locanation

Do you plan to travel via public transport buses in Thailand? Then, the ViaBus app is a must-have traveling guide for you. This app gives you real-time public transport information. ViaBus app is just not limited to buses but supports other modes of transportation too, such as MRT, BTS, Ferry, Airport Bus, BRT, etc.

The app, though majorly popular in Bangkok, is also available in other cities such Chiang Mai, Phuket, Nakhon Si Thammarat, etc. Most of the locals also use this app and consider it as the best travel app for Thailand. Public Transportation is the cheapest way to travel in Thailand and the ViaBus app helps tremendously.

Foodpanda and Eatigo

Thailand travel apps
Foodpanda – Important Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth – cc:

If food is the way to your heart and you want to explore the best dining and takeaway spots, the Foodpanda and Eatigo are your best options. Not only can you check reviews and make reservations in any restaurant in and around your vicinity, you can even order food hassle-free to your hotel if you want to eat-in.

Both these apps are very widely used in most parts of the country and are your guiding lights for a delightful meal.

Thai by Nemo

Thailand travel apps
Thai by Nemo – Important Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth – cc: thailandbloggers

Since you are planning your vacation in Thailand, how about learning some local Thai words and phrases? Thai by Nemo is here to help you out. In Thailand, most of the people speak only Thai. So it’s wise to learn a few Thai words to connect and make some new friends.

Thai by Nemo is a very helpful app for learning the Thai language very fast and quite easily. You can practice reading and speaking Thai words with the local accent also embedded in the learning curve by this app. The absolute best offline map

Thailand travel apps – Important Thailand travel apps – The Travel Earth – cc:

I am sure we all understand the importance of having a map while visiting an unknown land. will help you with the local offline maps for the whole of Thailand. You can also easily save roads or places to visit on your way so that you don’t miss out on any spots. This way it will also be easier to calculate the route from one place to another.

The app is also equipped to show you all the nearby attractions and the modes of how to get there from your location along with the reviews. Pretty cool, right?

Other global apps which are handy in Thailand

Klook: Best app for deals on attraction tickets and activities all over Thailand

Booking and Agoda Apps: Best app for you to find hotels and other accommodation all over Thailand.

Google Maps: Best navigation app for any region of Thailand, even works great in the offline mode.

Google Translate: Must-have app for a handy translator as most of the country speaks only the local language. Helps even with translation of images and signboards and also works without internet connection to some extent.

XE Currency: Complete hassle-free way to make sure you are getting the right exchange rate for your currency.


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